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The Machine at Work

Discover how Chaos Machine, a cutting-edge LA-based event management company, can elevate your next online event to unparalleled heights. Delve into our comprehensive offerings and services below to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of the transformative experience we bring to your virtual gatherings.

Event Production Services

Working During Lunch

Event Consultation

Our excitement for initial discovery calls stems from the chance to build meaningful connections with our clients. Beyond event specifics, these discussions are a collaborative exploration of ideas and aspirations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your unique vision. These interactions serve as more than a procedural step; they establish the foundation for a lasting partnership. As we navigate expectations, our commitment is reflected in the careful process of finalizing a detailed contract and quote tailored to capture the essence of our shared goals for an exceptional event.

Storyboard & Graphics

This stage marks the enjoyable aspect of our process! Chaos Machine takes delight in constructing a comprehensive event storyboard, similar to the one showcased here, for client review and feedback. Additionally, during this phase, we adeptly craft and refine event-specific graphics, including images, logos, and videos, tailored to your preferences and requirements.

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 11.48.40 AM.png

Run of Show

Getting closer! Our team creates a minute-by-minute event schedule we like to call the "Run of Show." We cover the speaker order, pre-show checklist, screen share and video timing, and other fine details so your event is smooth and surprise-free.


A highly valued and optional add-on, this service has become a client favorite! Upon request, we enthusiastically offer the opportunity to meet with the event's presenters, providing tailored coaching on digital presentation practice. This personalized support ensures that presenters feel confident and well-prepared, enhancing the overall impact and success of the digital presentations during your event. Our commitment to a seamless and polished experience extends beyond event planning, aiming to elevate the performance and engagement of every presenter involved.


The Main Event

The moment has arrived for the main event! At Chaos Machine, our production experience encompasses a thorough dry run or dress rehearsal with our clients. This ensures that every aspect of the show is meticulously fine-tuned and polished to perfection. Following this preparatory phase, the event seamlessly follows the meticulously crafted Run of the Show, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for all participants.

Post Show Review

Following each event, our dedicated team takes the initiative to edit the recordings, delivering a refined and polished version directly to the client. As an added service, should the client wish, Chaos Machine is more than willing to craft a concise montage video capturing the event's highlights. This bespoke montage can be utilized for marketing purposes, such as enhancing a website or creating impactful content for various social media platforms, adding an extra layer of post-event value for our clients.

Video Editing

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